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Currently I am

  • coding a web-app that enables doctors to assess the pain level experienced by patients suffering from dementia
  • writing a website for a local Home-care company
  • re-drafting a website for a local gastro pub
  • giving strategic advice to a local web-company.
  • storyboarding an animation for

All these projects are being written using Dreamweaver, Twitter-Bootstrap, JQuery, Fireworks, Joomla 3, ToonBoom StoryBoard Pro, my camera and a good deal of patience.

MOOCs interest me

MOOCs are changing Higher Education. That change is seen by some as helpful, by others as a real threat.

I have read a good deal of ill-informed comment about MOOCs all over the Internet. But then I bumped into this (2Mb pdf). It seems to me to be a very much better informed and a more analytic treatment of the subject than many. Perhaps that's so because the authors decided to do some reading before they wrote anything down?

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The trouble with lecturers

is that many (most) of them don't understand much about Information technology (IT). I'm serious.

That statement needs a little unpacking. Think for a minute why and how lecturers become lecturers. They get their jobs because they are good at their subject, interested in it, passionate (that awful over-worked word) about it. They probably have a doctorate in their subject. So, for a while at least, they were a world-level authority about what interested them.

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Learning through Apps

is all the rage. Apps for this for that and the other. But Apps in HE in the UK are problematic. In addition, there are fundamental problems to which few appear to have given their minds. Like how to sustain change in their content and..

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VLEs are abused

Most often, VLEs become a dump (sorry, file repository) for lecturers' resources. And thats a pity. I see very few instances of organisations that help lecturers to organise their online resources efficiently. Most often I'm asked to untangle a mess of files on someone's area in a VLE. Sometimes, the files are 'lost' even when the person who put them there is sitting next to me.

Support is needed by many: courses on file and folder hygene would be useful. And a clear, cosistent steer on how a program of learning should be structured would be useful too. Program Leaders need to provide a clear lead. And I know that RLOs (Re-usable learning objects) are not so much in favour these days, but encouraging staff to use a central 'pool' of course resources is a good idea. Among other things it encourages colleagues to share good practice: and reveal the opposite.

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